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Five teenagers away for the weekend, an old abandoned cabin in the woods, what could possibly go wrong?

It's the old familiar story that we know and love: Boy meets girl, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, girl turns into zombie, boy must fight to survive until dawn as his friends turn into the undead around him. Before spiderman or a simple plan, Sam Raimi directed the low budget horror film Evil Dead. Realizing that the film was more comic than scary, a large cult following quickly sprung up around the film as well as it's two sequels, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.

"The trilogy delves further and further into farce and camp" says director and co-creator Christopher Bond, "Turning them into a musical was just the next logical step" StudioCanal and Anchor Bay Entertainment (Proprietors of the two films) both leapt to support a project to bring Evil Dead to the stage with new music, new songs and a new script. When the musical premiered in Toronto in August of 2003 numbers like "Cabin in the Woods", and "Do the Necronomicon" made this hilarious romp through the campy horror classics a huge success.

Shows returning to Toronto starting May 1st with a (mostly) new cast. Ryan Ward will be resuming his role of Ash.